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A unique and quirky T-Rex Dinosaur Fossil Copper Wall Clock, the perfect gift for an aspiring palaeontologist.  The original artwork of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton has been etched into the copper, dyed and polished back to a shiny yet antique finish.  A lacquer has been applied to prevent further tarnish to the copper and to protect the artwork, abrasive cleaning is therefore not recommended, a simple wipe with a damp cloth or furniture polish will suffice if needed.


The piece measures 20 cm diameter and is fitted with a silent quartz mechanism such that it can be placed in a bedroom or quiet space without irritation.


*I know T-Rex was from the Cretaceous Period but for the sake of Etsy search engines I had to use the tag "Jurassic", I'm sorry for offending any scientists or dinosaur fanatics, my son included.

T-rex Dinosaur Jurassic Copper Clock

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